YFM Dialogues with the Youth

The organiser of the forum, Czech Republic based non-government organisation Youth Time International Movement, says the main focus of the forum will provide solutions to global problems in an effort to achieve sustainable development in ever-changing global markets.

The forum scheduled to take place from November 24-26, this year, will provide an interactive platform for young social innovators to openly communicate, share ideas and experiences with their peers from different cultural backgrounds and regions around the globe.

Participants at the forum will have the opportunity to connect and engage with other social entrepreneurs through networking to find human support by like-minded people, as well as get guidance from experts and global think tanks for inspiration and motivation to collaborate on projects and ideas.

The annual event will bring together more than 150 participants from all over the world, to discuss the theme, ‘The Interdependence Between Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship – Creating a sustainable environment for social development’.

Young people that are looking for inspiration and people that have innovative ideas on how to tackle these issues are brought together in this event, to come to a winning solution for change, for the benefit of a more sustainable development of the world, says the Youth Time International Movement.

Moreover, participants will have a chance to win Youth Time’s Idea Grant. The winner of the project proposal will receive direct support in the implementation of the winning project. The second winner will also get a six months paid internship and the third winner will be offered a six-month free scholarship. In order to achieve this, YT established a multi-professional team that will increase participant’s project management and self-educational skills. Further workshops and master-classes offered at the event will help participants increase their potential and professional growth.

The Youth Time International Movement is a non-profit organization established in Prague in 2010. The organisation offers a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world to take part in a tangible network for young active social leaders, as it provides a platform where they can discuss and solve social issues encountered. The NGO also offers young people the opportunity to speak with acknowledged professionals and specialists, supports an open dialogue between younger and older generations, as well as between social and governmental institutes.

The organiser of the event has selected high-level experts and qualified project supervisors, to support the projects developers in the process towards delivering high-end project proposals. Further custom-made workshops and masterclasses are specially designed in cooperation with these specialists to offer the best contribution to the overall mission of the Global Forum. The workshops will develop exclusive knowledge and skills to enhance participants personal and professional life, but also value-forming processes, personality-forming and eventually a society-building process. The organisation offers to all participants a unique opportunity to develop their ideas and how to implement them under the supervision of acknowledged professionals and specialists.

By Samuel Hinneh


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