Milan is a wonderful city in Italy. It is the second biggest city in Italy and is designated as the capital of Lombardy and the province of Milan. The city is surveyed to have a 1.3 million population in the urban area and is the fifth largest in the European Union and the largest in Italy. The destination is a major commercial, industrial and financial center off Italy and the business districts of the city is a home to the Italian Stock Exchange and is also the headquarters of the largest national and international banks and financial institutions. The city has also made a niche in the fashion and design world.
The city is the fashion capital of the world with a number of high profile fashion and beauty show events being conducted in this city. The city is also ranked as the forty-second most important global city of the world.

The city has got major landmarks like important museums and theatres where a number of cultural events are being organized. Santa Maria delle Grazie is one such cultural hub in the city which is decorated with Leonardo da Vinci paintings which are world famous. This place is a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage site and it attracts 2 million visitors annually. Flights to Milan are readily available from any corner of the world and if somebody is planning an economic trip, flight tickets cheap are also available.

Flights to Milan

Linate Airport is an important airport of the destination.

It is one of the three major airports of the city. It is situated about 7.8 kilometers away from the city center. This airport is primarily used for domestic and short-haul international flights. Last minute flights to Milan are also available but usually at an exorbitant price. The larger international airport in Milan is the Malpensa Airport. Highways and service buses connects both the Linate and Malpensa Airports. There is also another airport in the Greater Milan area which is usually used by a company offering low costs named Ryanair.

Milan is the largest airport of Milan and is a major hub of Alitalia. It serves all long haul flights and low cost carriers as well. It is situated quite far around forty kilometers away at the north-west of Central Milan in Italy. It is the best airports of all the three in the Milan Metropolitan Area. There is also tight airport security in Milan airports. Airport securities were transferred in the year 2000 from the Polizia di Stato to SEA which after getting the contract created an internal division call SEA Airport Security by the year 2002. Some of the airlines are very particular about the security services and rely in private security companies to do the tasks of ID check and airplane guarding. Cheap flights to Milan are also available in plenty. Cheap tickets to Milan can be obtained if booked considerable time before the date of journey.

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