Deputy Minister of Tourism Dzifa Gomashie speaking at the Expo
Deputy Minister of Tourism Dzifa Gomashie speaking at the Expo

Ms Abla Dzifa Gomashie, a Former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, will deliver the keynote address at the Global African Women’s Conference on Sunday, November 19 at Kpone.

This year’s conference on the theme: “Black Girl Magic: Sharing our Stories” is to promote the healing arts and entrepreneurship for Black women.

 Madam Jennifer White, the Conference Chair, told the GNA that the bi-annual conference offers women from all walks of life a unique opportunity to build international friendships, heal through the arts and share business ideas.

 She said the conference would feature healing arts workshops, overlooking the ocean and lunch at the newly dedicated international Black women’s centre for healing arts and entertainment. 

 Madam White said the mission was to create a collective space that empowered Black women around the world through healing arts and entrepreneurship.

 “The vision is to create a global collective that improves the health and increases the wealth of Black women, their families and communities of seven generation,” she added.



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