The very purpose of a luxury holiday is to avail the best facilities that people want to have when they are away from the maddening crowd of the cities and this is the target of the Lily Beach Resort and Spa. Located in the small island of Huvahendhoo in the Maldivian archipelago, this spa and resort centre is one of its kinds with the platinum spa facilities that are found in this particular country.

Well known throughout the world for the sandy and sun drenched beaches and the picturesque sceneries all around, Maldives has become a sought after place for plenty of tourists throughout the world. It is because of the Maldives luxury resorts in the region that the stay in the beautiful islands is further made memorable.


The primary attraction, apart from the beautiful and natural surroundings is that of the spa and Ayurvedic treatments that are being provided by the expert masseurs and therapists.

People come here to spend some days along with families as well as during their honeymoon, which is a common preference these days. Stay in the Lily Beach Resort and Spa is a memorable experience for people.

The nature surrounding this beautiful atoll gives plenty of chances for the tourists to indulge in water sporting events. There are well trained boating experts who will accompany the tourists into the deep sea diving and snorkelling sessions. The view of the marine life in the beach waters is one of the best in this part of the Indian Ocean. People can also go for scuba diving, where they can also learn to basics of doing so. Water in the atoll region of the Lily resort is quite clear, which can be viewed from abroad the boat. Swimming is a common thing that gives enjoyment to the elders and children alike.

For the adventurous people, there are sports like paragliding, water surfing, water skating and even the speed boating. Entire period of stay in the Huvahendhoo islands is a period of fun and frolic where people can enjoy the best in their lifetime. Accommodation facilities in the Maldives luxury resorts have further accentuated the fun because these cottages and settlements constructed around the island have world class services.

The resorts have the additional facilities of spa and ayurveda therapy which makes the stay more comforting. It becomes the ideal place for rejuvenating the body and mind and gives ultimate sense of relaxation to the tourists. As a result of such grandeur in treatment, people are having their best times in the Lily Beach Resort and Spa, and they are also returning to the same Maldives luxury resorts repeatedly, year after year. Each moment spent in these areas are cherished for a lifetime and the scenic beauty captured in photographs reminisces about the beauty of these resorts and islands.

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