Ghana Journalists Association (GJA)
Ghana Journalists Association (GJA)

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), have joined forces with the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR) and other stakeholders to fight against insanitary conditions in the country.

This is to help fulfil the President’s agenda of transforming the city of Accra into the cleanest city and also help save Ghanaians from illnesses associated with filth as well as reduce the hugh cost on health.


Mr Affail Monney, President of GJA speaking when he and the executives paid a courtesy call to the Minister of MSWR, Madam Cecelia Abena Dapaah announce their sanitation project
He said waste sited in the city was a serious indictment and the media wielded the power to drive the force and help government make the country a clean place to live in.

“With the power we have, we did it with the fight against galamsey and we are all witnesses to the results though not completely achieved, at least, people now know that galamsey is illegal and anyone who wants to do it, will do it with care”.

He said: “Critics think it is not possible that we can make the city the cleanest. It is doable and by joining forces to fight the insanitary conditions, we will transform the city and the entire country since we have all it takes to brand the country”.

Mr Monney, said the GJA believed that it’s was attainable within the shortest possible time and was ready to name and shame all bodies and communities with poor sanitation conditions and to raise national awareness.

The President admonished its members to indulge in solution based journalism; and asked them to use what you have to solve national issues.

He said the initiative would be funded through a basket fund and urged businesses, government and cooperate Ghana to support financially in the fight against insanitation to make the city and country a serene and healthy place to live in.

The GJA would be undertaking a sanitation project dubbed: “Media Action for Improved Sanitation Behavioural Change and Compliance of the Law” and this would be done in partnership with stakeholders in the area of sanitation.

Madam Dapaah, commended GJA for their involvement promised to assist the Association in implementing their project.

The Minister said it was totally unacceptable for people to indiscriminately litter, defecate and urinate openly, which she said had become the norm of most Ghanaians.

She said explained that some of the sanitation problems the country was facing were self-inflicted and this could be achieved if people changed their attitudes and stop littering and dumping of refuse indiscriminately.

“Yes, it can be done if we keep the spirit and soul clean. We have to start from the home and be responsible for our surroundings. It is not a rocket science, all we need to do is to practice it”, she added.


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