Girl missing after being swept away by rainwater

Tragedy struck a Nima family when their twelve-year-old girl was swept away in the main Nima storm drain during heavy rains on the afternoon of Saturday, January 26.

According to family sources, the girl was said to be bathing together with her friends at the edge of the drain when the flowing water forcefully carried her away.

Family members and neighbours jumped into the drain in a desperate effort to rescue her as she was swept away by the powerful force of the water.

When Joy News visited the Attimbere family house at Nima Sunday afternoon, the victim, Amamatu Osuman, had still not been found.

Her uncle Attimbire Ayimbobo, with whom Amamatu lives, recounted in an exclusive interview with Joy News that she was bathing by the edge of the gutter when her flip-flops were swept away. The unfortunate incident occurred as Amamatu tried to retrieve them.

Victoria Attimbire, the victim?s aunt, was visibly shaken as she told Joy News that Amamatu had been her life, explaining that ever since suffering a stroke, she had been caring for the child.

According to her uncle, the drain was half full at the time of the unfortunate incident. He says they have reported the case to the Nima Police, who have asked the family to contact them when they have new information on the whereabouts of Amamatu.

It is unclear however, whether Amamatu Osman, a pupil of the Islamic School at Kanda, is alive or dead, leaving the family distraught as they wonder whether they will find a body or a living girl.

Meanwhile, 48 hours after the incident, Mr. Ayimbobo told Joy News that the family has been asked to perform some rituals before caretakers will be able to enter the Odaw drain, which connects to the Nima drain, to search for the girl.

According to him, a point in the Odaw drain has been blocked with barbed wire to trap rubbish and prevent it from moving further down the drainage channel, so they suspect that the girl?s body could have come to rest there.

Source Joy News Ghana


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