Gifty Anti, Maverick TV presenter and host of The StandPoint, she has found the ?right man? but she is not in a hurry to settle down because the decision is not in her power.


According to her, despite the fact that she is single at the age of 45, she is not desperate to get married.
?I don?t hate men and I?m not against marriage. Besides, it is not the woman who decides but the man. The woman can only drop hints but the final decision depends on the man and what he wants. I think I will marry when my man is ready but if not, I don?t think I?m so desperate for it, she said.
Gifty Anti who can be said to be a spinster at her age, explained that for the past years, she has had to endure pressure from family and close relations to get married but she has grown to accept the fact that marriage is not a competition.
She said, it is not enough reason to judge any person since one?s success could not be tied to the person?s potential of finding a man or not.
?In the past, I used to envy married couples but with years of experience, I?ve grown to admire them. I?ve come to realise that we all have a purpose in this life and it is for everyone to appreciate his/her usefulness on this earth.
As a woman, Gifty Anti?s desire is to empower many young girls to ?appreciate their worth? and that desire was translated into action when she established The Girl In Need Foundation which she said has been an ?eye opener? to the plights of many young girls and also to reach out to them.



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