18th Feb 2012; A Sad Day For Christianity …

Charlatanic Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie
Dresses In Black Like NPP MPs &
Goes Aglow For Satan!!!

News Desk Report

Since its inception during the period of the NPP, it has never been in doubt that the Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie-led Aglow Women’s Fellowship is nothing but a Women’s wing of the NPP.
Using the same, blue, red, and white colours of the NPP, Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie has not hidden the fact that the group she leads is not a Christian Fellowship; it is rather a strong wing of the NPP apparatus, claiming to be working in the name of God, when indeed, it is working in the name of the devil.
If there were those who thought that Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie was working in the supreme interest of the State and Christianity, last Saturday’s extremely disgraceful outing at the Independence Square, proves that Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie is as desperate as Akufo-Addo and the NPP apparatchiks to ensure that the NPP wins power “at all cost”, so Akufo-Addo can move Ghana forward on the path of immorality and unrighteousness.
Indeed, last Saturday, February 18, 2012, was a sad day on the Ghanaian Christian calendar.
Unable to hide her identity and the identity of the Women’s Aglow group, Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie and her assigns clad themselves in black and red just like the unruly NPP MPs did when they disgraced themselves in Parliament, when the President read his State of the Nation Address.
Dressed like the NPP MPs, Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie and her assigns succeeded in desecrating the grounds of the Independence Square, with their cry to their Father the devil, to make sure that Akufo-Addo wins the 2102 election; so he can hand over the nation back to the devil.
Interestingly, the theme for the gathering was “OH LORD HEAR OUR CRIES”.
Which cry was Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie expecting the Lord to hear?
The cry that President Mills is building a strong and resilient economy?
The cry that Ghana is no more a cocaine coast?
The cry that Asem Darke has been arrested and that those behind the supposedly missing 77 parcels of cocaine will be busted?
The cry that we no longer have a President who sleeps with any woman in skirt?
The cry that we don’t have a President who goes round fondling the breasts of makeup artists?
The cry that we don’t have a President who wakes up daily with heavy clouds of wee hanging over his head?
The cry that we don’t have a President who gets drunk and misses scheduled interviews with VOA; only for his Press Secretary to lie that the President got caught up in traffic that is why he missed the interview?
The cry that we don’t have a President who has turned the Castle in a kickback-collecting enclave?
The cry that we don’t have a President who sets up an Office of Accountability at the Castle for the sole purposed of covering up corruption in his Government?
The cry that we don’t have a President whose Health Minister goes for an international AIDS Conference; has raw sex with a white female participant; and uses state funds to support the pregnant white lady?
The cry that we don’t have a President who will leave the Roads Ministry without a Minister for 18 months so his crony can return through the backdoor to head the Ministry?
The cry that we have a President who has openly declared that God is the President of Ghana?
The cry that we don’t have a President who uses state funds to fatten a few conscienceless journalists so they can continue to sing his praise even when he is caught having sex in the open?
The cry that we don’t have a President who goes to the funeral of women and eulogises their bottoms?
The cry that we have a President who is eliminating schools under trees?
The cry that we have a President who is not hounding NPP officials out of Ghana?
The cry that we don’t have a President whose bitchy and ugly sex-mate is all over the place insulting decent people?
The cry that we don’t have a President who does not have a wife whose only child is a product of an incestuous sexual relationship with her uncle?
Instead of Afenyi-Dadzie and her assigns being clad in white, and thanking the Lord for giving Ghana a God-fearing and wise President in the person of John Evans Atta Mills, Afenyi-Dadzie and her assigns decided to insult God by cladding themselves in red and black and pretending to be praying for the nation to be saved, when indeed, they were praying to the devil for him to use all kinds of satanic means to ensure that Akufo-Addo wins the election “at all cost”.
Since God is not an “Alata” man, it is pretty obvious that the cries of Afenyi-Dadzie and her group did not go beyond the grounds of the Independence Square.
It would be recalled that as a Council of State Member during the 8-year satanic rule of Kufuor, Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie enjoyed, waa-waa-waa from the state largesse for doing no work.
With people like Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie on Kufuor’s Council of State, it is not surprising that Kufuor misruled because he did not get any wise counsel from the people who are supposed to give him wise counsel.
For a fact, it was under the direct supervision of Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie (when she was President of the Ghana Journalists Association) that the GJA sold its body, soul, and spirit to the NPP.
Indeed, for burying the GJA inside the belly of the NPP, Kufuor desecrated Ghana’s State Awards by awarding Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie with one of the highest honours of the land.
If today, the likes of Ransford Tetteh are allowing the GJA to do the bidding of the NPP, it is because Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie blazed the trail of conscienceless journalism in Ghana.
If Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie is no more getting Free State cash to chop and so she is going hungry, she should pray to God to have mercy on her poor soul and stop disturbing the ears of the nation with her shameless NPP agenda, which has only exposed her as an agent of the devil rather than a vessel of God.
Indeed, during the 8- year misrule of Kufuor, what cry did Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie cry to the Lord?
If Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie is indeed a Christian, then she is a big DISGRACE to Christianity and must bow down her head in shame, for doing what she did last Saturday!

Source: The Informer


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