Photo Credit: Creative Storm Networks ©2016.
Photo Credit: Creative Storm Networks ©2016.

He said at a news briefing in Bolgatanga that the programme dubbed: “Seasonal Malaria Chemoprophylaxis (SMC),” would facilitate the immunisation of children from three to 59 months with Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine and Amodiaquine.

He said the first phase of the immunisation programme would begin from August 15- August 20, while the second, third and fourth phases would be done in September, October and November.

Dr Issah said the region has the highest recorded cases of malaria with a number of children roaming with the parasite.

He said the SMC has been recommended by the World Health Organisation.

“Seasonal Malaria Chemoprophylaxis is a proven and cost effective intervention towards saving children’s lives in Ghana and Africa. 80 per cent of severe and uncomplicated cases could be prevented each year and 20,000 deaths could also be prevented annually,” he said.

He expressed optimism that the exercise would help contribute to the reduction of malaria cases and deaths associated with the disease in the region.

Dr Issah disclosed that the programme would cost GH¢ 1,622,020.00 and would engage the services of health workers and community health volunteers to execute.

He said reduction of the burden of malaria in children is both morally and economically justified as they are among the vulnerable population group.

He expressed the need for stakeholders, particularly care givers, mothers, community leaders, policy makers, the media, as well as community based organisations to make the campaign a reality.

“We will immunise the under five children with the Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine and Amodiaquine on the first day and the subsequent two days, only the Amodiaquine will be used,” he said.

Dr Issah said the programme is targeting the seasonal malaria chemo prevention because giving these drugs to children in full course of treatment would leave enough doses of the drugs in their blood streams.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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