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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said it is worried that the Electoral Commission is delaying in the release of the results of the Presidential Polls through the National Coalition Centre.

According to the NPP, although the EC’s officials had declared Parliamentary results across the nationwide, it was silent over the results of the Presidential Poll, more than 10 hours after the polls closed on Wednesday.

Addressing the media at the Party’s headquarters, Mr Sammy Awuku, the National Youth Organiser of the NPP, noted that the Party’s inability to receive any “satisfactory answers from the EC” had resulted in tension and a sense of insecurity among the youth.

According to Mr Awuku, this was the longest delay in the release of results in the 16 years of the country’s democratic dispensation.

”We deserve to an explanation from the EC,” he said. “The Commission should come out with the results to allay fears and tension.”

He opined that the delay in the release of the polls could result in the “overturn” of the outcome of the polls and urged the EC to clear all doubts associated with the situation.

Mr Awuku claimed that the NPP knew what the EC had received through its fax system and it was also aware of what some of the telecommunication companies started to collate the results but “they were asked to stop” with the transmission.

The Youth Organiser said the Party was aware that it had won minimum 149 of the Parliamentary seats, adding that, “no threat of machination could change that.”

He said to bring transparency in the results, his party was prepared to share its data with the public and called on Ghanaians to log on to and for further information on the polls results.

Mr Awuku claimed that the results of the 27,577 statement of polls at the polling station level (pink sheets) received by the Party indicated that their presidential candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo had taken a Commanding lead in the Polls.

He held that while their candidate had polled 5,441,642 votes, the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s John Dramani Mahama had obtained 4.497,000 votes.

The difference between the two presidential candidates is a clear non riggable margin and the NPP has won a landslide victory.”

Mr Awuku said however it was yet to record 1,690 pink sheets pointing out that that could not overturn the winning number of their candidate.

“We remain committed to credible polls and I urge the Electoral System to exhibit professionalism in their work,” he said.

He commended the youth, especially students, for their sacrifices to democracy. the electoral declaring their thoughts and asked them to remain calm.

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