Some men in the Weija Gbawe constituency have been arrested for allegedly plotting to snatch ballot boxes and other election materials.

They were intercepted en route to a Tettegu, also in the area. Citi News reported from the area that police met them men in a green Ford pickup.


The police asked them to stop but the men in the pickup refused to heed the police’s commands leading to an altercation. The military was eventually called in as reinforcements to restrain the men.


Residents in the area lamented that something similar to this happened in 2008, when some land guards were deployed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to go and snatch ballot boxes from Tettegu, known to be a stronghold of the party.


One of the residents spoke to Citi News and alleged that pickup belonged to Tina Mensah, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the constituency.

According to the resident, he lived close to Tina Mensah and recognised the pickup.

Tina Mensah

Tina Mensah

“That is normally what the NPP people used to do over here. The pickup that came belongs to Tina Mensah, the green pickup with the boys. We know all of them from Weija,” he said.

He narrated further that: “we were here voting and a group of people came in white and the green pickup… they were here to take the printing materials plus the verification machines. That is normally what they do.”



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