The certified presidential and parliamentary results for the Ho Central Constituency elections are as follows:

John Dramani Mahama, National Democratic Congress (NDC) 53,117 representing 88.42 per cent; Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, New Patriotic Party (NPP) 5,998 representing 9.98 per cent; Papa Kwasi Ndoum, Progressive People’s Party (PPP), 275 representing 0.4.

Ivor Kobbina Greenstreet, Convention People’s Party, 66 representing 0.11 per cent; Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, National Democratic Party, 41 representing 0.07; Edward Mahama, People’s National Convention ,32 ,representing 0.05per cent and Joseph Osei Yeboah, Independent,40, representing 0.07.

Total valid votes 59,551; total rejected votes 522; total registered voters 95,866; total polling stations 169; voter percentage 63.21 per cent.

Special voting CPP, 3; NDP,1; NDC, 929; PPP, 18; NPP, 324; PNC, 0; IND, 0; rejected 0.

For parliamentary certified results Adediah Confidence Korbla, Progressive People’s Party 673; Benjamin Komla Kpodo, National Democratic Congress, 47,330; Ernest Yao Gaewu, New Patriotic Party, 6,031; Franklin Kordzo Amudzi, People’s National Convention 189; Tay Perry, Convention People’s Party 259; Edwin Tukpeyi, Independent 5,065.

Total valid votes 59,547; number on register 95,866; rejected ballots 305.

Special voting PPP, 23; NDC, 798; NPP 239; CPP 11; PNC 2; IND 92. Total valid votes 1,225; rejected ballot, 6; total 1,261.

Source: GNA/


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