has finally launched a brand new financial platform for the Ghanaian stock market. The said platform is the first of its kind and is expected to be of great help for traders. is primarily designed to offer a large set of information on the stocks that are listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange and Ghana Alternative Exchange.

The platform dedicatedly provides near real-time quotes, historical charts, financial information and the financial ratios of the previous five years for each company, background information and news on the companies, a technical analysis tool that comes with more than 50 indicators and the first webforum for Ghanaian investors to build a connection to each other to exchange ideas. is highly dedicated to fulfilling its objectives which is to offer premier information on Ghana Stock Exchange with the entire Ghanaian economy. Traders will always remain updated with the hottest issues inside the industry with the help of This platform is aimed to offer the latest news that all traders should know. In the interview, the head of Simon Kunz said, “This website is closing a long existing gap and finally gives investors on the Ghana Stock Exchange the tools and information to make best investment decisions.” promises to always provide traders with the best tools and the most important information so they can make the best and most appropriate investment decisions and options.


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