This, he said, was the way forward to protect the peace and ensure enduring stability of the country.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENTEducation, job creation and the general welfare of the youth ought to be fundamental to the nation’s development agenda.

Sheikh Dr. Zakaria, who was addressing this year’s “Maulid” anniversary – Birth of the Prophet Mohammed, in Kumasi, warned against over-concentration on infrastructure development and the neglect of the needs of the young people.

He made reference to what was happening in Nigeria, the havoc being wreaked on the oil-rich country by the ‘Boko Haram’ and said it “represents a clear case of what can befall any nation, which ignores youth development issues”.
Nigeria bitter experience should serve as an example to all governments across sub-Saharan Africa, he added.

“If we fail to groom our youth, give them the right training and protection, then they are more likely to fall for the evil propaganda of the religious extremists – to become radicalized.”

This year’s event was held under the theme, “Peace and stability – a necessary tool for nation’s development” and it was put together by the Nasri-Deen Islamic Sect.

It was attended by thousands of Muslims from Ghana and other countries in the West African sub-region and the goal was to sensitize them on the significance of the birth of the ‘Holy Prophet’, peace-building and social cohesion.
Sheikh Dr. Zakaria advised the youth to be tolerant and to reject violence.

Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawasi, urged the various Islamic sects to guard against intra-religious conflict.

He said under no circumstance should they allow their doctrinal differences to push them into violent confrontation, telling them that, Islam had suffered enough from the over-enthusiasm of misguided elements – perpetrating all sorts of crime in the name of the religion.



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