fire wood

Ghana’s Forestry Commission said Tuesday that wood fuel remained a very important energy source for households, with its annual consumption estimated at 16 million cubic meters.

fire wood “It is on record that about 70 percent of Ghanaians depend on wood fuel for their household energy needs and as a major source of livelihood, and its use is dominant in rural households in Ghana”, the commission said in a release issued ahead of the International Day of Forests scheduled for May 24-25.

In spite of the many benefits derived from the forest, the commission pointed out that forest and wildlife resources of Ghana continued to face serious threats of degradation due to some unhealthy practices.

It listed factors such as illegal logging, illegal mining (Galamsey), unsustainable farming practices, rampant wildfires, poaching, charcoal burning, and collection of fuel wood in commercial quantities, among others, as some of the practices that threatened the survival of the forests.

Ghana is pursuing initiatives such as the National Forest Plantations Development Program and promotion of woodlots establishment, implementation of the Forest Investment Program (FIP), Sustainable Land and Water Management Project to address the challenge. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/