Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

I never thought that one day I’d need to write on the above topic or that anybody would raise any question or doubt as who has obtained Independence for Ghana and by so doing has founded Today’s Ghana as an Independent Sovereign Self Ruling Nation.

But be as it may, we found ourselves in the recent months facing some futile efforts by a handfull of people who tried to re-write and edit big chunks of our history in an apparent attempt to belittle the role of our Sole Founder and First President and to exagerate the roles of others in an attempt to elevate them to be considered as fellow founders worthy of equal recognition as that of Dr Kwame Nkrumah Senior (hereinafter referred to as KNS).

First, let me remind the readers of the Genesis of Founder’s Day’s History and how it came into being.

The African Union (AU) found it fitting and overdue to celebrate and recognise KNS as the Founder of United Africa as he truly was its Mover, its Champion, its Advocate, its Incarnate Embodiment, its Shining Black Star of Africa and the Ultimate Epitome of the African Personality and the African Dream as it were which subsequently carried his name by many Pan Africans as the “Nkrumah African Dream”.

KNS famously said and deeply believed that “Ghana’s Independence was meaningless unless it was linked to the Arican Unity”. He believed the same to be true of all African states after they gained their independence from their respective colonial shackles. He was a powerful driving force to first achieve the independence of all the African Colonies from their Colonial Masters. then to achieve the African Unity which is an Absolute Must for Africa to be fully developped and for Africans to realise their full potential as Free and United people. He wrote the well known book” AFRICA MUST UNITE” which is widely circulated and read and its message is as relevant and as valid today as it ever was. So we all have to keep working tirelessly together for the African Unity to come about and to finish all the good work and mission that KNS has started on the National level, the African level and on the International level. It is our duty to act seriously and not just to pay lip service but to be fully committed to his great ideals with real action and passion on all levels not with slogans and mere idle words.

So the AU called on All Africans to celebrate the Centenary Anniversary or the 100th Birthday of KNS on 21st / September / 2009 and to mark it on the Calendar of all of its 54 Member States as FOUNDER’S DAY. So it was done and it was a great success and a rarity to have something or someone to be celebrated, loved and honoured by all Africans across the length and breadth of our beloved Continent and Mother Africa.

Late Prof Mills was our president at the time and he felt adequately ashamed on behalf of Ghana as how and why should all Africans in all of the 54 African States celebrate and honour our very own Ghanaian Leader and Founder of Ghana and of the African Unity Concept and we in Ghana are fast asleep unaware of the Great Asset that Ghana has produced and has contributed greatly to Africa and to the whole World in the person of our Founder, Liberator, First President, Redeemer or Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Blessed Memory? Giving meaning and substance to what the Bible has said that “No Prophet is without honour except at his home and amongst his own people”. That certainly was very true and was clearly borne out here.

So President Mills tried to correct this wrong by instituting our own Founder’s Day here in Ghana on the same Birthday the following year on 21 / Sept 2010 and declared it as a Public Holiday in Ghana and it was carried on as such ever since that date

Those misguided people who sought to re-write, revise and / or edit our history for their own alterior motives will sooner or later discover that Only the Truth, Nothing but the Truth will stand the test of time and Only Truth can set people free. But lies, half truths, twisted facts, spin doctoring, false fabrications can only cause deception and harm to themselves and to those who would be misled and taken in by such lies and ill founded follies.

It makes you wonder if they can be that ignorant of our well but not fully recorded and documented history? If so we may give them the benefit of doubt and forgive them! However, if their reasons were to deceive in total disregard of our factual history, then our history and future generations may NOT forgive them for their damaging ill-motivated attempts and deeds to tamper with genuine historical chronicled facts.

If they have poor grasp and recollection of history then what about their grasp of Geography?
The Brief and Scope of the UGCC was limited to the Gold Coast Territory and the Ashanti Kingdom.
KNS’ CPP Brief and Scope were well beyond what UGCC had stood for. As KNS Modern Day Ghana has extetnded to include British Togoland / Trans Volta which would have been either lost to Togo in the East or gone independent. And it also extended to include the Northern Territories also were known as Northern Protectorates from being annexed by the then French Clonial Republic of Upper Volta, today’s Burkina Faso.

KNS also resisted and overcame attempts by the French Ivory Coast Colony from carving up a significant part of our Western Region under the guise of the need to join together the Traditional kingdom under one Traditional Paramount King who rules over territories spaning across the borders between Ghana and the Ivory Coast. KNS did not buy that theory and did not allow it to happen. Now Ghana goes with Ivory Coast to international courts to defend our Oil and Gas fields and Reserves, Onshore and Offshore in that same territory which our founding father KNS refused to give up. In fact most of our national wealth of immense natural resources comes from the Western Region which has been so neglected ever since of the birth of Ghana. Although it is the home, birth place of KNS and of our family. We need to correct that neglect as a matter of utmost urgency mainly because it is the major source of our National income now and of future wealth of our future generations.

In fact the map of what UGCC stood for is significantly less than 50% of what KNS’s Modern Day Ghana’s Map is today which is a lot larger and much richer as the direct result of KNS tireless bloodless but forceful struggle for an Independent Prosperous Ghana seeking to develop and to industrialise her for the benefit of all of our people regardless of ethnic tribe, creed, religion, political persuation …etc. We are all Ghanaians and we should come together in unity of purpose for the general good of all of our people today and of future genertations yet unborn. History recorded that JB Danquah stood up with the Trans Volta RefuseNiks as they were known against KNS in 1955 / 1956. Trans Volta RefuseNiks were not in favour of UN Sponsored Plebicite of 1956 which intended to decide whether Trans Volta / British Togoland should be joined with Ghana when it subsequently gained its independence from Britain in March 1957. They did not want Trans Volta to become part of Ghana. So any attempt to try to join JB Danquah as Co Founder of Today’s Ghana is misguided and is pure mischief because his views, his scope and his brief of Ghana’s Map were NOT of Today’s Ghana but were rather for a smaller country, a poorer country and to be achieved at a much later date and not in 1957 as our Sole Founding Father KNS has envisioned and has fought for with every fibre in his body 24/7. KNS was completely consumed and even obsessed of giving birth to Today’s Ghana which he foresaw prophetically and astrologically that should fall as soon as possible but should fall precisely in the Fire Rooster Year of 1957. Fire Rooster Years come only once every 60 years. KNS could not bear the thought, that if he lost the fight for his “Independence Now Campaign”, that Ghana would be independent only in 2017 which was the next Fire Rooster Year. That was a terrible nightmare scenario for him, hence his susequent famous saying of “Independence Now Or Never”, had his UGCC opponents and erstwhile colleagues had their way to win the elections with their Independence Progressively or Slowly Campaign.

If anybody cares to consult history books (I mean genuine history not editted or air brushed history) they would find that the budding aspirations and flames of the indepence activism and struggle fire had actually started back in 1897 which itself was a Fire Rooster Year in Astrology. So Ghana had to be birthed in another Fire Rooster Year namely after February of 1957, hence our Independence Day was right on time on 6th / March / 1957. I explained that in a previous article on our 60th Independence Day and I even explained that, it was that very reason why KNS has chosen a Red Fire Rooster as the symbol of our Convention People’s Party which achieved our Independence, as prophetically foreseen by the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit by His Grace and Annointing which annointed KNS not JB Danquah or any other name for that prophetic task and it was carried out perfectly and on time according to God’s Divine and Perfect Will. Glory be to Glory for loving Ghana much to give us the best gift He could have ever gifted to us in Selfless Determined Visionary KNS as our Sole Founder. Praise God and bless His Holy name for His Goodness, Grace and Blessings to our Beloved Ghana and to Africa at large.

Greater Larger and Richer Ghana was Founded and Declared Born FREE FOR EVER by our Sole Founding Father KNS for the benefit of all Ghanaians on 6th of March 1957. Ghanaians then proudly emerged on the African scene as shining pioneers and stars ready to lighten up the dark continent and to lead the way for independence, for development, for progress and prosperity of all Ghanaians and unltimately for All United Africans when they succeed to achieve their UNITY WHICH IS A MUST. SO HELP US GOD.





Source: Onsy Kwame Nkrumah


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