Firstly, we must say we are amazed by President Mahama’s acceptance and smuggle in of some two very dangerous terrorists into Ghana especially considering the weak nature of Ghana’s security system.


Secondly, we must say, we aren’t too much surprised by it though because we have always been witnessing similar insensitive actions from him ever since he became the president of the land.

Actually for sometime now, we have been analysing these many insensitive actions by him and have always been wondering what actually could be his source of motivation for these actions of his?

After a thorough analysis, we have finally come to the conclusion that, GREED has been the seed of all these insensitive actions of his.

Because we are of the view that, if not for a spiritual possession of GREED or an uncontrollably obsessed GREEDY habit of someone, how then can/could anyone ever decide to push for some of these unimaginable heartless, illogical decisions President Mahama sometimes boldly take especially with his carelessness of its consequences even if he has to;

A. Break the constitutional laws of the land to achieve them.

B. Risk the health and safety of Ghanaians to achieve them

C. Emotionally hurt Ghanaians of whom some also double as the electorates to achieve them.

Below are some of the heartless decisions that has been taken by President Mahama out of our perception of his GREEDINESS;

A. President Mahama out of GREED for money or international acceptance or favour around January, 2016 intentionally accepted and smuggled two terrorists into Ghana.

B. President Mahama out of GREED for money or international acceptance or favour around October, 2014 during the the peak of the Ebola outbreak considered to host the Africa 2015 Cup of Nations when it’s actual host, Morocco declined to host it in January 2015 even at the expense of a punishment, with their reason being that, it can’t afford to risk the lives of its citizens for the tournament.

Note, South Africa also declined to host it when Confederation of African Football (CAF) contacted them after Morocco’s intention to either postpone the date for the tournament or a drop of its host.

C. President Mahama out of GREED for money or international acceptance or favour around June, 2015 tried using Ghanaians as guinea pigs for an untested Ebola Vaccine Test at the blind side of Parliament.

D. Out of GREED for power, NDC had to get rid of the late Former President Mills for President Mahama to take up the throne. Note; this assumption is based on our analysis from the statements of;

i) The former National Organiser of NDC, Mr Boateng Gyan around December, 2014 when he alleged that some leaders of NDC were behind the death of the late Former President Mills.

ii) Former President Rawlings around May, 2015 said the death of the late Former President Mills was a good omen for the NDC and that, the NDC would have been in opposition if the late Former President Mills hadn’t died.

E. Out of GREED for power, President Mahama openly ordered the Electoral Commission (EC) officials and electorates to breach the “No Verification, No Vote” law during the December, 2012 elections.

F. Out of GREED for power, President Mahama misused the nation’s money to buy votes and as a result, one of the reasons for the crippling state of the nation’s economy now.

G. Out of GREED for money, President Mahama has bloated and continues to bloat the cost of all infrastructural developmental projects he has embarked on in the country through his cronies such as the Ameri, Karpower and Metro Mass Transit (MMT) bus rebrand deals, the Kumasi and Tamale airports upgrades, the Adomi bridge and the classrooms blocks being built across the Nation.

H. Out of GREED for money, President Mahama has intentionally been robbing Ghanaians of their money through some programmes/projects and judgement debts such as SADA, GYEEDA, SUBAH, the 2014 World Cup Saga, the Wayomi, Isofoton and Waterville dubious judgement debts cases, STX and the five military jets’ purchase which pushed for an order for his investigation by the Late Former President Mills when he was his Vice.

G. Out of GREED, President Mahama still continues to cruelly tax Ghanaians despite how poor his previous taxing, mismanagement and acts of corruption has already made Ghanaians.

H. It is also rumoured that, President Mahama out of GREED has more than15 children with many different women.

I. Others

We as a result of the above and many more examples out there conclude that, the intensity of President Mahama’s GREED is so huge that the legendary GREED of “Lot’s wife in the Old Testament of the Bible” or “Kweku Ananse in a Kweku Ananse story” or “Cassim, the elder brother of Ali Baba in the Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves story” can’t ever even come close to contesting it.

Thank you and may God be praised always

Source- Critical Thinkers International


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