The National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission, Shiekh Dr Amin Bonsu, has called on leaders especially political leaders to be mindful of their utterances at all times.

He said speech could be a very good tool to unite but could as well divide people, adding that it could also lead to very serious health conditions such as hypertension, stroke, and even death.

He noted that as leaders it was important to ensure that every word uttered at one point or another would help unite and bring development to the people rather than create division and enmity amongst them.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra, he said Allah in the Holy Quran says that ‘a kind word is better and is a form of charity’, so people, especially those who lead others must try to speak nicely, or say things that could bring comfort and development to the people.

“People in responsible and higher positions must be mindful of the things they say in public or on social outlets. They must bear in mind that the young ones no matter what are looking up to them in one way or the other, and as such must be careful not to say things that would have negative impact on them.”

Dr Bonsu said Ghana as a country would want to continue enjoying the current peace and appealed to political leaders to shun violent utterances that would end up disrupting the peace.

He prayed for Allah’s continuous blessings on the current governing administration, to be able to fulfil all its promises and mandate, so that the country would in the shortest possible time achieve success.


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