“The media plays an important role in the democracy of this nation and an attempt to prevent the media is an attempt to stifle democracy “, the editor in chief of the insight news paper and a social commentator Mr. Kwasi Pratt once quoted.


Undoubtedly, the media which is made up of the print and the electronic have impacted our society in diverse ways . It has since its birth in Ghana educated , entertained and importantly informed citizens.

Especially , the democracy of this country has received its full dues from the media.

The exposure of corrupt practices in governments and other public and civil organizations has been seen to be an appealing trait of the media.

In addition, Publications and criticisms about disgruntled, lawless and irresponsible personalities and organisations sends chills of comfort and relieve to the citizenry because they have been kept abreast with the immediate occurrences of society.

Furthermore, the Ghanaian media has led members of this society to make conscious and deductive decisions in the political machinery of the state. The bridge between government and society has been obviously linked by this same media hence its recognition and status as the fourth arm of government.

However , the media like fire , can be a good servant but a bad master too.
Despite the remarkable effort of the media in building and sustaining the democracy of this country, it still has the tendency to conversely destroy the very democracy it has built.

On the 10th January 2016, the daily guide in its publication captioned , “ASHANTI POLICE MAD AT NDC CUTLASS MAN ” reported that a communicator of the above-mentioned political party in that region had in flamed passions and incited violence on a radio station. “We have our cutlasses sharpened and the police are in full support”, he ostensibly maintained.

This unconditioned ‘growling’ by the politician has or had a tendency of installing some sense of negative preparedness and vengeance on citizens of Ghana and the swift intervention of the media would prevent the further occurrence of such pattern.

The media certainly has a role to play by preventing such fixated politicians from abusing their platforms which would consequently destabilize the relative peace this country is enjoying.

We must not be quick to forget the Rwandan genocide that led to the massacre of thousands and the displacement of an entire generation. The political tensions in neighbouring Ivory Coast and the other west African countries must not be repeated in Ghana.

We need Ghana safe and alive before, during and after our December polls!
God bless our homeland Ghana!

Source: Thomas Akanyibah.
[email protected]


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