Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama Monday urged African leaders and their stakeholders in tourism to change the narrative about the continent to give it a new brand.

“This is the only direct way forward for the continent which seeks to deepen the gains made from her tourism potentials,” he said.

Mahama, who was opening the United Nations World Tourism Organism (UNWTO) Regional Conference on “Enhancing Brand Africa,” said this changed narrative was necessary for the continent’s overall image.

“For many years the narrative of Africa has been negative. This has promoted in the mindset of many that the continent is a backward, underdeveloped, disease-ridden jungle, where if people are not starving, then they are busy killing each other in tribal wars or human sacrifices,” the Ghanaian president stressed.

The Ghanaian president argued that Africa had great potential, with a lot going for it, including nature, culture, animals, great food and friendly people, making it a continent of a lot of positive selling points.

“We must change this narrative. Our professional brand experts must explore as many innovative ways to sell Africa to the world. We must change the negative perception that has been built over the years,” he said. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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