Diamond AppiahRarely will your regular celebrity warm up to an interview about his or her personal life especially when it concerns sex. Well, bubbly musician, Diamond is different. Aside her beauty, she is a calm, gentle personality who is opened to a good interview.

Myjoyonline caught up with her and what an interesting interview she gave. It was of course a very revealing expose of her sex life, a journey she says began at the age of 18!

“I was 18 when I broke my virginity. I was in secondary school form three. It was in my final year,” says the Taste My Apple singer who spoke without inhibition.

“At 18 years, I think I was mature enough to know what is right from wrong,” she defended.

Her real name Diamond Appiah, she said she “was in a relationship with the guy [who broke her virginity] when I was 17, when I was in SSS2, but I didn’t want to break my virginity then because I was very skeptical based on the background I was coming from.”

That background: a reverend minister for a grandfather who usually put the fear of God in her especially about having sex – “…so I was very skeptical about it but when I got to form three and I was about to complete school and all that. I felt that I was mature enough and I would like to try this so we tried it.”

According to her, her first experience wasn’t a pleasant experience: “Since it was my first time, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it because I didn’t really even know what I was doing. He was just on top of me and that was it. I think he came or something and that was it but I didn’t really enjoy it. In the beginning when he started, it was extremely painful but I think towards the end it was ok … it didn’t even last for long.”

Diamond is allergic to young men. She hinted that the guy who ‘opened her eyes’ was “a bit older than me, he was in the university at that time … I prefer people who are a little older than me because they tend to be more mature than myself and basically women should always go in for men that are a bit older than them because women tend to mature faster than men so if you date people of the same age, it hardly works.”

The songstress who sees herself as a fashion goddess said she dated the guy for while after the adventure but the escapade didn’t end there.

“I started enjoying it,” she said. “I started taking part and I think I started learning more about sex from that time onwards, how to involve yourself as a woman, how to take control and all that. Now sex is fun,” and why not, she says she can survive without it for weeks!

Diamond, who started doing music in 2006, is currently busy in the studio cooking up three singles to hit the airwaves and dance floors by June this year. The songs, Diva of all Divas, Kaafe Dull and The Game, will feature on her upcoming album, Diva of all Divas.

She is an actress too, a zone she ventured into by accident in 2004. She has appeared in productions such as Home Sweet Home and Run Baby Run. Her last role was in Crystal Bay in 2011.

Source : myjoynoline


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