A nation?s future depends on its future leaders; the young generation. Should the nation develop or retrogress in the near future, it would rest on the shoulders of these youth. How incorruptible and responsible the youth would live would put smiles on the face of the nation?s future, otherwise the nation would be weeping bloody tears. This is why the doings of the youth, especially those with political ambition must be checked and moulded responsibly, taking into consideration the great harm and adverse effect on the nation should they not have the opportunity to be psyched to perfection and clean mindedness.

wpid-ghana20flag.jpgGhana is among the very nations yet to experience such harm in the near future should its future generation and leaders remain in their corruptible, unethical and delinquent attitude towards analysing the state and any other issue. These youths even channel such attitudes into leadership when they have the platform in schools and other organisation. All these have made the integrity of the youth questionable and apocryphal.

The young leaders are being influenced and brainwashed by some of the political gurus in a wrong direction. They suffer from being implanted with bad thoughts, making them to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to any issues which calls for solution on their side. They move about with the adage which goes, ?no one points the left finger towards his or her home.? They intend to misinterpret the adage by supporting evil even when their side are wrong and guilty. The question we have to ask ourselves then is, what if the right hand is cut off? Would you not use the left hand?

The youth should start learning. They should start equipping themselves with clean thoughts and developmental strategies to uplift the nation. They should exhibit the practical type of leadership when they have any little opportunity and platform to do so. Being objective other than being bias and subjective on issue is a major thing the youth is lacking to do and if such attitude ceases, championing of development would be easy. It is high time the young upcoming politicians fight for a good cause. A cause to build a bright future for Ghana and not create a great doom. A cause to boast of and not be ashamed of. A CAUSE TO SAVE THE FUTURE OF GHANA BY:

Source: Samuel Mensah

Samuel Gyekye Mensah (SUPREMO)

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology


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