Whilst there?s a time and place for dancing the azonto, we can?t underestimate the appeal of a well-place punchline in any song. The Accra City Times team takes some time to appreciate 3 of Ghana?s greatest punchline artistes. Enjoy.

1.) Dadie Opanka:

The Microphone Abuser has been quiet lately but his entertaining, witty and hard-hitting flows?expose him as an undeniable talent. ?Mr ?TIEE by Force? couples his delivery with a confident aura which can be captivating and could leave listeners hanging on his every work, making the punchlines that much more enjoyable when he finally lands them. In his song ?Picture Me?, we are left with the indication that Dadie Opanka may have gone?over ?some?personal hurdles?recently but with his talent and dedication to hard work, we look forward to seeing more from the FRESHEST BOY in the building.

2. Proverb

To all other lyricists out there, Proverb (formerly known as?Yaa Pono) may be the most intimidating of the punchline artistes on our list. Reminiscent in many ways of 50 Cent before he released his ?Get Rich or Die Trying? album, Proverb? s defining quality is the fearless certainty with which he delivers his flows. If?Proverb tells you your name is ?Keta School Boys?, no matter what your parents named you, or what your boys call you, you?re likely to believe that ?Keta School Boys? is your new name. His words cut through the air with?the kind of clarity and?precision that leaves the listener with no doubts about who those words are meant for. We look forward to seeing?Proverb blowing up in the near future.

3. Criss Waddle

Of the 3 punchline artists in this article, Criss Waddle seems to be the one who has most successfully figured out how to package his punchlines and delivery during this Azonto Era. His association with R2Bees?puts them in a position to replicate the success of the YMCMB team as long as they find?their ?Bedrock? ?(which gave Nicki, Drake, Tyga & Wayne a platform to shine together). This shouldn?t be too hard with all the talent available to R2Bees. Criss Waddle is not the future, he is the NOW of punchline artists.

Source: Accra City Times


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