A Radio Ghana source can confirm that news making the rounds on the huge demands of doctors for better conditions of service is true.

Leadership of the Ghana Medical Association has sought to play down on the public outburst which described their demands as outrageous.

Radio Ghana chanced upon a copy of the Proposal by the Ghana Medical Association, GMA, to government to kick start negotiations for conditions of service.


The Proposal stated that all members of the GMA, Medical Doctors and Dentists are part of senior staff in all Ministry of Health establishments.

The Medical Doctors were categorised as follows,
A2 who are the consultants,
A3 senior Specialists,
A4 Specialists,
Chief Medical Dental Officer
Deputy Chief Medical Dental Officer.
The others are:
A5 Principal Medical Dental Officer,
B1 Senior Medical Dental Officer,
B2 Medical Dental Officer and
B3 House Officer

According to the proposal, all members of the GMA who attain the rank of Principal Medical Dental Officer and above shall retire on their last salary when they have served a minimum of fifteen years in the Ministry of Health agencies.

It goes on to state that all members of the GMA under the Ministry of Health (MOH), shall be entitled to forty percent of their basic salaries as accommodation allowances per month.

The proposal further stated that members of the GMA working under the MOH and its agencies shall be entitled to fuel allowance, spelling out the categories.

Category A2 to A3, who are the consultant and senior specialists are entitled to hundred (100) gallons per month.

A4 to A5, the specialists, Chief Medical Dental Officer and Principal Medical Dental Official will receive ninety (90) gallons of fuel per month whilst category B1 to B3 Senior Medical Dental Officers, House Officers and Medical Dental Officers will be entitled to eighty (80) gallons per month.

Members of the GMA according to the proposal, shall be entitled to one official vehicle on reaching the rank of Principal Medical Officer and above.

The GMA is also demanding a lump sum long service award after working continuously for a minimum of fifteen years.

The proposal cited the fact that members of the GMA shall also be entitled to an Overtime Duty Allowance of a minimum of two hundred (200) hours per month, which is the standard above the forty hours per week that is currently being paid for under the Single Spine Pay Policy.

The GMA in the proposal is asking for what it terms ?On Call Duty Facilitation Allowance? which is twenty percent of basic salary per month, Clothing Allowance for all categories of doctors and dentists which is thirty percent of basic salary per month and book allowance of thirty percent of basic salary per month.

The rest are Utility Allowance of twenty percent of basic salary per month for Principal Medical Dental Officers and above, Profession Allowance of fifty percent of basic salary per month, Special Risk Allowance of 25 percent of basic salary per month, Vehicle Maintenance Allowance of twenty percent of basic salary per month as well as a Vehicle Tax Exemption of Waiver for Doctors.

The proposal for negotiation had some other requests.

The GMA requires government to send its members abroad for health care services that are needed but unavailable in the country.

Government must therefore bear full cost for such classes of patients who may be sent out of the country and one other person either a family member or caretaker who accompanies the patient on such medical trips.

Government is also being asked to fully pay for members of the GMA who undertake Post Graduate Medical Education.

Finally the GMA is asking for what it terms Malpractice Insurance Cover for all Doctors and premiums are to be paid by government.

The proposal was signed by the President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Kwabena Opoku-Adusei.

Source: GBC


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