I heard Rana has released a new music video to their song ?Mr.Cupid? featuring Dade Opanka. First of all big ups to them. The video is said to be  the best Ghanaian music video since the invention of  koose and koko(pun intended)and it cost a whooping $30,000  huh ! so i hurried to catch a glimpse of this ?wonder? video and boy ! have i something to say.

The question on my mind is what makes a good music video ? For those of the MTV generation who live and breath music videos the answer is as follows-

For a music video to be adjudge the greatest or the best it must have unique elements,have a story line(remember MJ?s Thriller ?)or at least a themethe director as well as the performers must not feel boxed in and must match lyrics to visuals,video must leave a lasting impression ie long after the clip is over,the imagery and lyrics should be ringing in your head. You see, no matter how mediocre a song is, making a great video can change the status of mediocrity to a refined work of art.The video must have a coherent idea and not a random montage of  insignificant imagery,ORIGINALITY is a must !Talk about costumes,make up artists and set design,even if it?s all CGI,they must be as close to reality as possible.

These are a few of the ingredients needed for a great music video. Now you, be the judge watch more music videos, then separate the weeds from the tares beginning with the video below:


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