The Vice President John Mahama is mocking the free Senior High School policy being espoused by the opposition New Patriotic Party.

He said the magical figures being bandied about as cost for the implementation of the policy was hurriedly done and not well thought through.

He was addressing the Students wing of the NDC at the University of Ghana.

The NPP since 2008 has vowed to implement a free SHS policy if voted into power. Just last week, its flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo in an interview on BBC Hardtalk programme played coy on the issue of funding and cost of implementing the policy, preferring rather to tell the people of Ghana first what the cost will be before sharing it on the international platform.

But John Mahama is convinced Nana Addo’s demeanour before and after the interview is enough testimony that he has no clue what the policy is and how to implement it.

“Somebody goes and says he will give free secondary education and they ask him how much will it cost and he says I won’t tell you I will tell Ghanaians.

“Meanwhile about a week before you were asked this question you had the opportunity to tell Ghanaians because you had a rally at Mantse Agbonaa [James Town] and you espoused your free Secondary education programme at that rally. So at that rally why didn’t you tell us the figure if you knew the figure,” he said, drawing a hearty laugh from the students.

“Then when you come back you go and do hocus-pocus figures and come and put them out and you think that Ghanaians will be deceived,” he stated.

And “when I talk about our secondary school policy, the NPP becomes like a spoilt child. We believe the problem of secondary education is more about access rather than affordability for now if you consider Ghana’s national priorities,” he noted.

Meanwhile the Progressive People’s Party insists the policy of free SH is feasible and will implement it when it wins the 2012 election.

Its founder Papa Kwesi Nduom said the party’s policy on education is more holistic that those being espoused by the ruling party as well the opposition NPP


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