Mr Elvis Newman Nanebe, the Health Prevention Officer of the Foundation for Better Tomorrow (FOBET), said regular health checks are essential to quality healthcare that need to be taken seriously.

He said regular health checks could provide healthcare professionals with an opportunity to look at a person’s lifestyle, medical history and family history to find out if they were at risk of any preventable health conditions.

Mr Nanebe said this at a free health screening exercise organised by FOBET for residents of Amamoma and other surrounding communities of the University of Cape Coast.

The people were screened for hypertension, body max index, malaria, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, blood pressure, eye and other health conditions and ailments and given counselling on how to take good care of themselves.

Those diagnosed with specific ailments were referred to the hospital for further examination and treatment.

The exercise formed part of FOBET’s “Prevention is better than cure project,” which is targeted at preventing communicable and non communicable diseases.

It was sponsored by the German International Cooperation (GIZ), a German development organisation, and screened more than 300 people.

Mr Nanebe explained that health checks could help people to understand their health needs, values and concerns.

“People must be able to know their health status at a point in time and be able to know what helpful life style to choose to augment their health,” he said.

Mr Prosper Akar, the Chief Executive Officer of FOBET, advised Ghanaians to put much premium on their health and well-being by going for medical check-ups regularly.

FOBET is a Non Governmental Organisation that undertakes various programmes including health education, social mobilisation and youth development and training.


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