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Mr Louis Mensah, Managing Director of Kaymu Ghana, an online market platform on Thursday urged Ghanaians to patronize online businesses especially e-commerce, saying, ?You don?t need a stall to sell online.?

Kaymu Gh

He said there are many people who have some goods to sell but do not have a shop and feel limited, and that with e-commerce one could be engaged in buying and selling without necessarily having a stall or shop.

Mr Mensah in an interview with the GNA said Kaymu is working very hard to encourage many Ghanaians to engage in e-commerce saying ?that is where our future is?

?There are some people who do not have time to move from shop to shop to find what they want, with online you have a range of items at your disposal and buying is just a click away?

He noted that Kaymu does door to door delivery of items and usually take cash upon delivery and added that sometimes doing the physical buying where one have to move from shop to shop can be hectic.

Mr Mensah said Kaymu was embarking on a programme that sought to educate more Ghanaians to do e-commerce or online shopping with trusted organization since most people do not know how to sell online.

?We are teaching people how to make businesses online, we are telling buyers to rate products they buy and make honest comments, we are trying to teach people best practices.?

Mr Mensah mentioned that contrary to some views that products bought online are expensive, he said products bought online are rather cheaper, explaining that at Kaymu buyers get to do business with original sellers without middlemen who tend to add their cut to the price.

He urged the youth to take advantage of Kaymu?s platform to do business and noted that online buying and selling also offered a lot of job opportunities.

?There are many youth out there who have completed school and are not doing anything, some have plans to go into buying and selling but do not have stalls or shops to start with. You can start by selling online,? he said.

Mr Mensah said youth who go into online buying and selling will reach wider customers than those who have stalls, in addition to improving the country?s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Kaymu currently with over 2000 sellers listed allows individual and professional sellers across Ghana to display their products to potential buyers.

It brings buyers all over the country the best deals on all goods ranging from footwear to electronic appliances, mobile phones and their accessories, clothing, home appliances and much more.



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