The Eastern Regional NADMO Director Mr Ransford Owusu has directed Ghanaians to be extra cautious in terms of setting fire, leaving electricity appliances open especially in the hamanttan season.

He added that palm wine tappers, farmers, smokers, food vendors, grass cutter hunters and the general public must be careful on their field of work, advising them never to leave fire open.

Mr Ransford Owusu also urged the Town and Country Planning Department to direct and educate the public when they are constructing their buildings.

He again said NADMO was not well equipped with logistics to run its duties, especially vehicles to be given to district NADMO coordinators, adding that comparing 2011 to 2012, disasters that occur in the Eastern Region in terms of? flooding and fire outbreaks was 85% in 2011 and 40% for fire outbreaks? and 45% percent for flooding in 2012.

?The type of disaster that occurs in 2012 was due to human error, most of the fire outbreaks are occurred by human errors, which normally government, UNICEF, volunteer groups and different organization come to our aid in giving NADMO relief items to disaster victims,? he said.

Mr Ransford Owusu noted that public education has encouraged Ghanaians on measures to curb disasters.


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