Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)

The report by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD Ghana) said a solid majority (63 percent) believed the electoral body would perform its duties as a “neutral body guided by law”, and 79 percent are for a “completely free and fair elections.

Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Charlotte Osei – Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Some 93 percent of Ghanaians surveyed claimed they had registered as voters, compared with the 76 percent that were registered before the 2012 polls.

The survey was done by random sampling, with a 2,500 sample size across the 10 regions (provinces) of the country.

The report comes on the back of a recent one, also by the CDD, that indicated the majority of Ghanaians said their choice of president or party to rule them in the 2016 polls would take into accounts the level of infrastructure development.

Ghana will be holding its seventh consecutive presidential and parliamentary elections on December 7 since adopting multi-party democratic rule in 1992. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/News Ghana


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