CitizenGhana Movement, also known as Concerned Ghanaians for Responsible Governance has called on all Ghanaians to literally fly the flag of Ghana as a sign of unity and national reconciliation.

image1The group believes that rallying around the flag of Ghana, as a national symbol will go a long way to bring Ghanaians together regardless of party leanings or other usually-divisive persuasions.

In a press release, it noted that, ?The political discourse of this country has for far too long been dominated by the projection and protection of political parties with very little mention of Ghana, the nation we love and claim to serve? the statement added. #FlyTheFlag is therefore aimed at correcting this and bringing Ghanaians together for one main reason ? the national cause.

#FlyTheFlag will be launched on Tuesday, 23rd June, 2015 and the CitizenGhana Movement calls on all Ghanaians to buy and fly the flag of Ghana on their cars, in their offices and in their homes, churches and mosques as a pledge to support Ghana and always put the interests of Ghana first.

The CitizenGhana Movement is of the view that everyone who believes in good governance and is committed to the development of Ghana must join this activity. The Movement is calling on Ghanaians to fly the flag of Ghana to show support for good governance; for progress; for development and above all for national reconciliation and unity!

?Let us change Ghana and let us move the course of this nation?s history from confrontation to cooperation; from competition to coordinated national development; from propaganda politics to the politics of progress, truth, transparency and honesty? added George Kojo Anti, a spokesperson for the CitizenGhana Movement; with Sara Asafu-Adjaye, another spokesperson for the group, adding further that ?we can change Ghana for good and we should do it. All who support this initiative should simply Fly The Flag now?.




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