As Ghana and China mark 56 years of friendship and cooperation, many Ghanaians will like to see closer ties between themselves and their Chinese counterparts.

Speaking to Xinhua TV, Lucy Anning, a Ghanaian student studying for her Ph D in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, in Wuhan, Hubei province, underscored the need for Ghanaians and Chinese to collaborate at closer levels to understand one another’s culture and traditions to boost the relations between their countries.

“I believe that we both have a lot in common concerning our economic growth, so if we can agree in terms of tradition, and in terms of understanding each other, we can do a lot of things together; we can collaborate,” she stressed.

Anning added; “Currently, I am writing a project, I am doing a research work with a Chinese and all this is possible because he chose to understand me and I also understand him so we can work together.”

At an evening event organized here on Friday by the Ghana-China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA) to commemorate the anniversary, a retired senior Ghanaian diplomat, James Victor Gbeho, pointed out that there must be more efforts on the part of Ghanaians to strengthen the relationship.

“The treaty signed 56 years ago is still alive and doing well. The testimony of some of the students here, their proficiency in the Chinese language and the general friendly atmosphere that we have sat through is a testimony of the fact that it was very thoughtful of the founders of GACHIFA to conceive of this idea of a friendship association of Chinese and Ghanaians,” Gbeho remarked.

He said the association must be encouraged to do even more in order to strengthen the relations between our two countries,” Gbeho remarked.

The retired diplomat urged GACHIFA not to rest on its oars until it sees to it that the friendly relations and cooperation between China and Ghana grows to higher levels.

“We should not only have an association to celebrate anniversaries and go home but we also must promote events that will bring Chinese and Ghanaians together more dynamically than we have at the moment, “ he added.

Gbeho stressed that it was only when there was practical interaction between the young people of China and the young people of Ghana that the future would look bright for the two countries.

Jiang Zhouteng, Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, expressed satisfaction at the support given by Ghanaians to the friendly relations between Ghana and China.

“Today, I am very pleased to be invited to attend this ceremony to commemorate the 56th Anniversary of the signing of the treaty of friendship between China and Ghana. It has been long years of friendship and cooperation, and this event has seen a lot of supporters and promoters of this great relationship,” the Counsellor

He expressed confident that, with concerted efforts, “our relationship and cooperation will be further strengthened and promoted.”

President of the GHACHIFA Kodjo Amoo Gottfried said Ghana had a lot to learn from China, hence the need for Ghana to do more to deepen the relationship.

“The learning of each other’s culture is very important. China has a very long civilization going back about 5000 years. Chinese in the past also managed to travel in their boats to Africa, long before modern history was known

“I think that we as Africans can learn a lot from China; but we also need them here in our society in order to help the development we all need,” Amoo-Gottfried emphasized. Enditem

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