Mr Kwesi Prat Jnr., one of Ghana’s most gifted analysts and orators! I admire his sterling qualities in oratory and national analysis, especially in the areas of economics and politics even though i don’t see the substance in most of his arguments.

I am not the type who enjoys writing lengthy opinions on issues but for this issue involving Kwesi Prat, i feel it is better to be more elaborate than snappy as we are dealing with a man so mischievous and smart.

I woke up one morning to hear that Mr Kwesi Prat has said that Nana Addo has surrendered leadership to President Mills because Nana Addo called on President Mills to show exemplary leadership in dealing with electoral violence under he, President Mills’ watch. So what was Kwesi Prat thinking all along before he came to this conclusion? That Nana Addo was the leader of Ghana until he made that statement?

Anyway before i go on, I will say a few things about how Kwesi has managed to notoriously position himself as a political opportunist and the most dangerous public commentator and journalist in Ghana so far. In fact on top of these, he rides on the wings of hypocrisy and sycophancy and hides under the cover of false neutrality. Indeed it is clear that he is not a neutral journalist, and that he’s a paid associate of the NDC government from all indications.

He, Kwesi Prat claims to have campaigned with Ex-President Kufuor and the NPP in 2000. He further claims that after winning the 2000 elections, President Kufuor normally took lunch with him and called on him to support his government to succeed. I don’t doubt these claims, as by then many Ghanaians saw Kwesi Prat as anti NDC and Pro NPP in CPP colours. Kwesi during the period of 1992 – 2000 (when i started following national politics), was a stern critic of the NDC government under President Rawlings. He became even more critical of the NDC government from 1996 – 2000 when now President Mills was the Vice President. Many of the atrocities committed against Ghanaians under P/NDC were graphically narrated and analysed by Kwesi Prat. The Killing of the Judges, the disappearance of hundreds of Ghanaians etc were a few of the things I heard from him in detail the first time. During this period, Kwesi, in several of his publications and editorials made great effort to prove to Ghanaians why the NDC cannot make Ghana better and why President Mills (then candidate Mills) has nothing to offer Ghanaians as a President.

All of a sudden, a man who abhors an NDC government and thinks President Mills has nothing good to offer Ghana has turned round to think otherwise. So the question is why would Kwesi Prat make this U-turn? Is it because the NPP has no place for opportunists as he is seen? Asem s3b3!

Coming back to my main issue, if Kwesi Prat thinks Nana Addo has surrendered leadership to President Mills, what exactly does he think? First of all, logically, Prat thinks that Nana Addo was the legitimate leader of Ghana. But was it Nana Addo who was elected as President in 2008? How on earth can any sound man in the category of Kwesi Prat think like this?

Secondly, is Kwesi thinking that President Mills needs Nana Addo to play a leading part in solving the problems of Ghana? Why haven’t they said so in plain language? Thirdly does Mr Prat think that President Mills is not a legitimate leader and that Nana Addo’s statement has now made President Mills a legitimate leader? Well he should come again!

Indeed it is not strange to call upon leaders to show exemplary leadership. Actually this is a legitimate demand from any citizen who is concerned about the state of affairs his country. It is only a sycophant and hypocrite like Kwesi Prat Jnr who would see something wrong with demanding exemplary leadership from chronically non performing leaders as President Mills. In fact there is no shred of doubt in my mind the Mr Kwesi Prat Jnr. is a confused man. In his confusion, the truth has been a victim and reasonable analysis of important national issues has given way to extreme hatred to personalities.

Source: Ghana Ba.


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