artist depicted scene at the site of the incident
artist depicted scene at the site of the incident

Once upon a time, there was a major boat disaster in the Volta Region at an Island called Tepa Abotoasi killing several dozens of people.

artist depicted scene at the site of the incident
artist depicted scene at the site of the incident
The media especially joyfm were there throughout the time incident happened up to the time the politicians came in their numbers to make their usual promises of “never again should we allow such a calamity to befell us”

Joyfm reported everything…

All of these were just rhetorics meant to buy time until another boat disaster struck at Yeji recently where we again lost several lives were lost and still, the talking hasn’t given way to action.

Another time, there was a very serious accident on the Accra kumasi road killing a lot of people. The institutions mandated to put in place measures to check these unnecessary deaths, trooped to place in their numbers only to speak the usual useless grammar “never again should we sit down and allow people to break the laws of the country, kill people and go Scot free, Never ”

Useless grammar from useless state officials mandated to keep us safe.That is what it is, plain and simple!

Why am I saying this? Yes, is because the same officials sat down and watched, slept on their jobs until “Satan” visited over 70 people in a metro mass bus on the Tamale Kintampo road killing every soul.

Then “bingo” there was an opportunity for our useless officials to go and speak their big “never again mantra “.grammar again.

The cycle goes on and on… the least of unfortunate deaths is endless.

Before June 3 disaster, there was the 1995 Accra floods. They said never again!

Accra sports stadium disaster happened and they said “never again”. The football fanatics haven’t learnt any lessons from incident. Have they? No!

June 3 will not and shall not be the last time we will experience a major disaster but if we changed our ways of doing things and the way we keep deceiving ourselves, we will be cutting down or minimizing the effects of future disasters to the lowest minimum if not eliminating it.

When a chief is killed today in any part of the country, our officials go there to say “never again shall we sit down and allow such a tragedy to happen to us” only to welcome another with open arms within a very short time.

Hypocritical leadership at all levels of our social fabric. That is what it is, pure and simple!

The Holy Quran tells us that “Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themselves ”

Let’s change our attitudes to change our future if not, posterity will never forgive us.

Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Chiraa Police Station
Sunyani District /BAR
[email protected]


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