Ghanaians have hailed the new online visa application processes introduced by the Chinese Embassy in Ghana.

Speaking to Xinhua, Nurudeen Mohammed, an administrator with Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture, said the system would eliminate the stress applicants go through.

“This shows that the Chinese Embassy is abreast of modern technological trends and l thank the Chinese government for always helping Ghana through the numerous assistance it gives to support our education, health, roads and railways, to mention few. China is really a true friend of Ghana,” he said.

John Owusu, a businessman who exports household accessories from China to Ghana, said that Ghanaians would enjoy the new online visa application procedures.

“I hope Ghana learns from China to speedily develop this country,” he said.

Emmanuel Kumi, who wishes to get a scholarship from China next year to further his education, said the new visa application processes would eliminate time-wasting for prospective applicants.

The Chinese embassy in Ghana started online visa application processes for prospective travelers from Ghana to China, the ministry of foreign affairs and regional integration said in a release quoted the Chinese embassy as saying that the online visa processes started earlier this week.

“The embassy will use the online application forms and online appointment for the submission of visa applications,” the release said.

During the transition period, which runs till the end of October, the embassy would still attend to paper applicants who are without online applications, the release said.

So far in 2019, the Chinese embassy has awarded 1,500 visas to Ghanaian students seeking to further their education in China. Enditem


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