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Some Ghanaians have shared optimistic expectations towards the coming 2019, hoping to see an enriched nation capable of enhancing the living standards of citizens.

Most people, especially Christians, after celebrating Christmas begin building optimisms that the coming year will come out positively.


Mr James Adae, a worker at Access Bank said: “This year and the previous years have been a bit tough, but I anticipate economic growth in the coming year (2019).”
Ms Dorothy Asante, a student, urged the government to ensure the reduction of car and road accident.

She said: “A lot of students have lost their lives either in cars or in the process of crossing the road. Most people especially students now have the fear they might be knocked down by a car as they cross the roads.”

Mr Dennis Offei, a Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Trainee, said the country had become a difficult place to live because it was always challenging to get a better job after school.

He said some people put their certificates aside to do jobs they never planned for and others had been home for so many years after completing tertiary education and without employment.

Mr Offei commended the government for a good job done by introducing NABCO into the system but added that there was still a high percentage of unemployed, hoping that by next year there should be more jobs.

In an interview some traders expressed hope of good sales in the New Year

A tomato seller said she was expecting the construction of roads so that she would be able to transport her tomatoes fresh and in good shape.

She said the bad roads affected trade by delaying the journey, leaving most of the tomatoes and other food stuffs in a rotten state.

She appealed to the government to make good use of the tax being collected to construct better roads to enhance better trading.


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