TORONTO-Canada[August 16, 2012]-Ghanaians are crying in horror that the social vices as well as the immoral acts being committed every day should stop.

They are crying in horror that those crimes should stop but in fact they? have set aside what is the pure solution for the problems which is the Ten Commandments and have adopted self style living which is the result of these crimes.

For instance there are doubtful minds that the upcoming general elections would be peaceful. Of course they have to doubt because people are throwing insults left right and centre as they are refusing to honour the elderly thereby creating tension in the system.

Our country is in danger, and it behooves every individual to humble thyself and cry out to God to stop the evil forces from unjustly usurping power over the country.

The missionary churches should insist on students saying the Lord?s Prayer before classes begins and also teaching our children Christian principles and a better way of living based on the Ten Commandments.

The living God is a God of power and just. If the hearts of Ghanaians are humbly turned to him from evil ways, he promises to hear our prayers and heal the land.

It is time the clergy, politicians, chiefs, lawyers, teachers, doctors, accountants as well as every individual be made aware that no free nation can endure without public morality- and in turn, there can be no public morality in exclusion of religious principle.

?No nation in history has survived that legitimized sodomy and gross sexual excess. No nation has survived whose leaders plundered future generations to ensure their continuance in power.

?No nation has survived that refuses to pass on to its history, traditions, and moral standards to its youth. No nation can survive that cannibalizes its unborn for its own conveniences? which are all frowned by the Ten Commandments?.

The Christian Council Of Churches Ghana,[CCCG] constitution is so vague that people claiming to be Christians have been taking advantage of that and committing various degrees of crimes against humanity and allowed to go scot free.

Ministers of God who are to preach salvation to mankind are now being turned into Romeo Pastors, so called bishops and seers who are to bring comfort to the elderly are now being charged for assaults and rape as well as human rights abuses such as chaining suspected witches and beating them to death.

People who are professing to be the followers of Christ are now championing the acts of adulatory where they are caught washing private parts of female members who consult them for prayers and no one seems to say anything.

It is very clear that the people have rejected the very principles that our forefathers used in founding the countryGhanawhich were the Ten Commandments. Our chiefs and great grand fathers who gave their lands for missionary work accepted the Ten Commandments as the only principles for moral upbringing.

Missionary schools taught students the blessings of living according to the commandments. Societies were formed based on the same commandments and there was total peace.

Today, chiefs, ministers of God, politicians, teachers and parents are throwing their hands in despair as idol worship and spilling of human blood is all over, lack of respect for human dignity, fraudulent acts, adulatory, slandering others and covetousness have become the order of the day.

Whiles crying in horror that these crimes should stop have we asked our selves these simple questions whether our speech exalt the lord, and do we set his day apart?

?Do we honour our mothers and fathers? Do we respect the human dignity of other human beings? Are we honest in our dealings with others? Are we sexually pure and faithful to our spouse in thought and deed? Do we refrain from slandering others, and is our word our bond? Do we resist coveting what someone else possesses??

Ghanaians needs a sense of urgency. A sense of urgency not talking about a political candidate?s past only to assassinate his character, but rather a sense of urgency in praying the desperate prayer of one whose very life is in jeopardy so that the God of Abraham will heal the land.

It happened in the lives of the Jews who rejected God and were given out to serve as slaves inEgyptfor several years. But when they admitted their mistakes and repented from them, they prayed and the prayer was answered by God who sent Moses to deliver them fromEgyptto the promise land.

Therefore it is time Ghanaians repent from their sins and pray a fervent prayer setting the Ten Commandments in their hearts and then God of gods will deliver the land.


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