Over the period, Jubilee field has produced over 100 million barrels of crude oil. And as at 2014 last year, Ghana gained 18.6% revenue.

Jubilee Oil Field
Jubilee Oil Field

The question is, has there been any impact on the lives of Ghanaians? Is there adequate consultations and public awareness when we talk about the governance issues about Ghana’s oil and gas?

Because Ghanaians seems to have been left in the dark for long, due to inadequate consultation and public awareness.

Doe Ghanaians know how the oil money is disbursed? Or how monies allocated to various ministries and sectors like Agriculture, Roads, Education, Health and others, uses it?

And does the monies supposedly allocated to these sectors as stipulated in the budget every year, go to them rightly?

In an interview with Mrs. Nana Ama Yirrah who is the executive director of community land and development foundation (COLANDEF), she told newsghana.com.gh we need more public engagements in order to really disseminate what goes on at our backs in our oil and gas governance issues.

According to her, engaging the general public and the people affected by oil and gas activities, goes a long way by knowing their problems.

And also bringing on board, salient proposals and recommendations that should inform policy discussions.

By way of doing this, we would be promoting inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction through effective management of oil and gas resources in the country.

Sammy Adjei / Newsghana.com.gh


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