Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia
Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia

“Again I say ,do not get involved in foolish arguments which only upset people and can make them angry”(2 Timothy 2:23)

Nana Akufo-Addo
Nana Akufo-Addo

“But avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, dissensions and quarrels over the law, for they are unprofitable and futile” (Titus 3:9)

“Indeed Akuffo –Addo made a lot of contentious statements that I would have wished you had him here so that we would debate those issues. I am willing even this afternoon, if Nana presented himself ,I will take him on all those contentious statement that he made” By President Mahama.

The above statement was made by President Mahama in his interview with TV3. In the said interview when President Mahama was quizzed with regard to what Ghanaians will remember himoff; the President said he has protected Ghana’s democracy. President Mahama could not mention any of his Green Book Achievements. This clearly shows that when it comes to performance, President Mahama and the NDC have failed woefully. So what at all will the President want to debate Nana Addo on?

The President’s assertion that he has protected Ghana’s democracy portrays that hitherto, Ghana was in a JUNGLE STATE and he (PRESIDENT MAHAMA) restored Ghana’s democracy. Ata time when most men had become women and could not talk in this nation, Nana Addo was fought the military dictatorship in Ghana. Then, President Mahama was in Russia studying whereas his father who was a former minister had bolted to London to seek greener pasture…To President Mahama, protecting Ghana’s democracy means bringing the GITMO DETAINEES TO GHANA… MisterPresident, your debate must be your performance. If you have not performed, what issues do we debate?

“You call me a fool but when you give birth, you name your child after me”(OBOGU PROVERB)When Nana Addo revealed to Ghanaians that the Kasoa interchange project had been inflated, President Mahama described Nana Addo as A NEW BREED OF POLITICAL QUANTITY SURVEYOR WHO CAN JUST STAND AND LOOK AT SOME THING AND SAY ITS TOO EXPENSIVE AND KNOWS THE COST OF EVERY THING BUT THE VALUE OF NOTHING. Ironically, the President desperately wants to debate someone who is a new breed of political quantity surveyor who knows nothing about the cost of projects? Why would the President want to debate someone who knows the value of nothing? What has changed mister President?

Recentlythe President told Ghanaians that former Presidents are the only people fit to criticize him. Why would the President want to debate Nana Addo who is not a former President? The change of stance by the President shows that he is indecisive and this is reaffirmed in his own book titled MY FIRST COUP D’ETAT page 314”all the decisions I have made in my life were regularly plagued with doubt.It can be challenging to sustain that feeling of hope or the belief that things will turn out for the best. I have felt like that boy Dramani, on the bicycle going downhill fast, without any brakes and not knowing which way to turn” So was candidate Mahama (in 2008) a former President when he criticized President Four’s administration? Again was candidate Mahama a former President when he severely criticized the Implementation of LEAP by the then NPP administration as a LAZY WAY OF DOLING OUT MONEYS TO GHANAIANS TO BUY THEIR VOTES? This reminds me of what President Mahama said that GHANAIANS HAVE SHORT MEMORIES. Hmmm!!! But the President is also a Ghanaian pooh. President Mahama should wait for Addo to become a President and afterwards, the two can debate.

Since when did the President realize that debate is the only avenue to respond to Nana Addo? Do you only need a debate before you can respond to Nana Addo? Did the President have a debate before telling Ghanaians that he (Mahama) is a DEAD GOAT? If President Mahama knew debates were the only avenue to respond to contentious statements made by Nana Addo, why did he use a sod cutting ceremony at Kasoa to describe Nana Addo as a new breed of political quantity surveyor who knows the value of nothing?
Good governance is about performance and not debate. In 2012, President Mahama told Ghanaians that, the works of the NDC will secure them a second term and will enable the NDC win the elections one touch. Ghanaians want to know the works of the NDC and not debate.

Ghanaians have given President Mahama and his NDC two terms to exhibit their incompetence and are interested in performance. The ordinary Ghanaian don’t need a debate to experience the unprecedented corruption, high cost of living, worse performed currency, poor performance in Agric-Education-Industry, high tariffs and cost of doing business. What will be the essence of a debate if the poor pregnant woman in the village cannot access the Free Maternity Care and the NHIS which has been replaced with CASH AND CARRY under this NDC government? What will be the essence of a debate to a class two pupil who goes to school (under tree) to witness no teacher, chalk, school feeding, capitation and uses the ground as his exercise book?

Why is President “Uhuru Kenyatta” so desperate to debate Nana Addo? Why is the President not calling for a debate between Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, Papa Kwesi Nduom, and the other opposition leaders who have also criticized and raised concerns with regard to governance and corruption under this NDC administration? The President should rather call a debate on the one time premium and why his government has deliberately refused to retrieve the money from Wayome despite the court order. Ghanaians will salute Nana Addo for his position that he will only engage in a debate which will lead to development.

“Mahama was not prepared for the Presidency but only became President by Constitutional arrangement to finish with the unexpired term of the Mills administration. He was not psyched up to take the mantle of leadership after the untimely demise of President Mills” (By Alhaji Bature, Informer 24 September, 2014)

“A career in politics was not something I’d ever plan for myself. It came as even more of a surprise for me to find myself in the political arena”. (My First Coup D’état) Page 37)
The aforementioned statement shows that President Mahama was or is not ready to govern this nation. This is reflected in the massive mismanagement of the economy. The Presidency of this nation is not for experiment. Ghanaians under this democratic dispensation needs a leader who is not CORRUPT, FIRM, DECISIVE, HAS CREATIVE IDEAS TO TURN AROUND THE ECONOMY AND ATTRACT INVESTORS, TRIED AND TESTED TO MOVE THE NATION FORWARD IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION and that Person is Nana Addo Dankwa-Akuffo Addo. Change is coming. Ghanaians are for change. Vote for Nana Addo.



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