A wood gasifier stove that uses pieces of dry plant material as fuel for domestic cooking, and is environmentally-friendly, has been introduced onto the Ghanaian market.

The technology, known as the Top Lid Up Draft (TLUD) gasifier stove, is cost effective and produces much less smoke than the conventional wood burning stove, and good for the health of the user.

Mr Allan Atsu, the Chief Executive Officer of Bonanza Solutions Limited, who demonstrated the usage of the technology to the Ghana News Agency, on Monday, said he was seeking government’s support to train more people in the technology and enter into large scale production.

He said the charcoal from the wood gasifier stove, known as bio-char, could be used as manure to enhance soil fertility.

He noted that the TLUD technology saved 75 per cent of firewood used in a conventional three stone firewood stove.

“There is no need cutting down big trees to deplete the forest but one can use pieces of dry coconut shells, bamboo, groundnuts husk, wood chips among other things as fuel,” he said, adding that one could design the burner of the stove by using clay or two steel cups.

Mr Atsu said his outfit would like to train interested people and artisans in the manufacturing of the stove at a minimal fee.

He said the first 100 people who would register for the training would receive 50 per cent discount.

The wood gasification stove for domestic use was first introduced by Dr Thomas Reed but it was popularised by Dr Paul Anderson in the United States.