The Dagbon Sariki (Chief) of Ala Bar, Sariki Abdul Rahaman has stressed the need for Ghanaians to take advantage of the Muslim Ramadan festivity to bury? their differences and promote peace, unity and stability for the rapid socio ? economic development of the country.

Dagbon Sariki ChiefSpeaking to our correspondent, Sariki observed that since we were born by Adam and Eve (the first creation), it means we are all one people and as such we should stay peaceful on the land

Buttering his point with the Ramadan principles, he said the occasion is aimed at creating and promoting peace, unity and stability within the Muslim communities and for that matter the nation and entire world, therefore as the occasion also targets for transformation through fasting and prayers, bad conduct should be avoided.? He reminded Muslims particularly to use the occasion to focus on their Koran since Ramadan also creates awareness about holiness and good behavior. He added that in occasion like this one should avoid quarrel, act of confusion, drunkenness, castigations of friends among others stressing that all what one is expected to do is to be guided by the principles of the Koran and Ramadan to ensure that at the ends of the period Allah?s mercies, guidance and blessing penetrate into the nation for peaceful co-existance.






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