Accra, April 8, GNA- Ghanaians have been advised to repent and turn away from their sins to receive the blessings of the Lord.

“If we turn away from our sins, God will give us a new spirit and a new heart so that we could use that to serve Him and serve Him better.”

Prophet Kwame Darko Mensah Founder of God’s Disciple College Church gave the advice at Oyarifa when preaching during Easter Sunday church service.

He said if Christians get a new heart and a new spirit, “we will not transgress but walk in the ways of the Lord and sin will not rule us”.

Prophet Darko Menah noted that God does not take delight in the death of anyone but He rejoices when one acknowledges his sins and turn away from them.

“If we have the spirit of God in us as humans, we will not speak evil of our neighbour, kill, bear false witness, commit sexual immorality, hate each other, be selfish of one other, jealous of ourselves… and be envious of each other.

He reiterated the need for all to go by the word of God for the country to enjoy the peace, joy and full blessings of the Lord as the December 7 general election approaches.


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