Ghana Revenue Authority
Ghana Revenue Authority

Justice Jojo Abraham, Sefwi- Waiwso District Manager of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has advised Ghanaians especially Western North residents to promptly pay their taxes to the Authority to enhance development.

He said it was through the payment of taxes that the government could get the needed funds to develop the newly created regions.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, Mr Abraham indicated that the government has done its part by creating the Western North Region to reduce the burden on the people, and it now behooves on them to do their part by fulfilling their tax obligations to the state.

“This the only way the government can get the needed funds to develop the area”, he added.

Mr Abraham called on the various Municipal and District assemblies to explain to the people the various taxes they are to pay especially the differences between income tax and levies.

He noted with concern that some people mistake levies they pay to the assemblies as income tax and stressed that there were differences between income tax and levies charged by the various assemblies.

He stated that the Ghana Revenue Authority was the only state institution mandated by law to collect income tax for the central government.

He called on the public to desist from the practice of attacking staff of the Authority and warned that anyone caught would be made to face the law.


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