Reverend Joe Badu Danquah, President of the International Youth Mentorship Network (IYMN), has advocated that the youth go through guidance and counselling to discover their God-given talents, to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the nation.

He observed that most of the problems bedevilling the nation came from the fact that most of the youth lacked focus and direction to drive their goals in life.

Rev. Danquah made the observation in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the sidelines of a youth summit held recently in Takoradi.

He said the organization was strategic enough to empower the youth through training to enable them have a clear idea of their future careers and how to achieve them.

The President said through feasibility studies and research, executives of the organization realized the potentials and skills possessed by the youth but unfortunately they did not put them to good use.

Rev. Danquah said a research conducted on the current trend of technology revealed that many developed countries had advanced due to technical proficiency backed by able bodied mentors.

“The organization is therefore all out to ensure that the coming generation thrives and succeed as innovators, thinkers, and contributors to national development”.

Rev. Danquah appealed to parents to spend precious time with their children and guide them through adequate preparation into responsible adulthood to secure a brighter future.