Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah
Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah

By: James K. Attaglo Wilson

Afriyie Ankrah
Afriyie Ankrah

Honorable Minister for Youth and Sports Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has said that his ministry and the government can offer two square meals a day to the hundreds of supporters who are going to cheer the Black Stars to victory in Brazil.

Speaking to www.sports24gh.com he said, ?We have made provision for our caterers to provide our supporters with two major square meals a day because we’ve realized that life in Brazil is quite difficult and very expensive as well.”

“In Brazil they don’t speak English and that is also challenging so we took all this into account before we came to this conclusion”

“I don’t mind if someone will go to town and do a sign language to buy his own food but we wouldn’t want the situation where we send supporters to Brazil only for them to call back home and say come and see hunger and starvation,” he added.

Source: www.sports24gh.com


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