CT scans can predict the risk of further strokes in mild stroke patients, the research suggests
CT scans can predict the risk of further strokes in mild stroke patients, the research suggests

The Stroke Association Support Network-Ghana (SASNET), a non-governmental organization has called on the government to adopt and implement the Global Stroke Bill of Rights to help take better care of all Ghanaian Stroke Survivors.

This was contained in a press release by SASNET and signed by Mr Ebenezer Adams, Director of Operations of the association to commemorate the celebration of the national stroke month, which started from March 16 and will end on June 29.

The Global Stroke Bill of Right also makes provision for the adoption of stroke preventive measures to help reduce the incidence of stroke in the country.

The release observe that stroke was the leading cause of disability and second cause of death in the country and it could happen to anyone at any age with many young people being stroke survivors.

With the scant resources available, curing for and rehabilitation of people with acute stroke conditions became relatively expensive, hence the most plausible strategy was to reduce the burden of stroke in Ghana by adopting a comprehensive and pragmatic prevention programme targeted at its risk factors.

The release observed that available data indicated that there were an estimated 8,151 stroke survivors across the country who were unable to access the right medical care due to social- economic barriers which included poverty, unavailability of rehabilitation centres at certain communities and the lack of the right drugs for treatment and myths or superstition.

SASNET explained that the implementation of the Global Stroke Bill of Rights could help provide better care for stroke survivors and their families.

Activities line up to mark the National Stroke Survivors Month across the country included, registration of all Ghanaian stroke survivors and their families on line, mobilization of wheel chairs, walking aids and physiotherapy equipment for stroke survivors and establishment of stroke units across the country.

The Association is also to use the occasion to launch the National Stroke Fund to be used to support stroke treatments, research and stroke awareness programs.

The release indicated that the celebration would be climax with a durbar on 29th June and the launching of“There is Life after a Stroke” project to bring back stroke survivors who have been side-lined and build a good relationship with all persons caring for a stroke survivor, health care professionals and centres where stroke was treated .


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