Budding Ghanaian striker Richard Donkoh, who is weaving magic with Swedish second-tier side Osters, speaks to GHANAsoccernet.com on a wide range of issues including eyeing a spot in any of the national teams.

GSN: What is your view on the standard of the Swedish League?

R.D: The Swedish League is really competitive and a good breeding ground for any player to start their career. Since I came here, I have felt at home and settled in well. They have the facilities and the men with the technical know-how to help any young player to succeed. For me this is a great opportunity and I’m really excited to be here. I may not be playing for any top-flight side yet, but I believe it’s a good start.

GSN: Do you have any ambition of joining any stellar club either in Sweden or Europe?

R.D: Yeah, of course. It’s my ultimate goal to move to a bigger club in Sweden or Europe. A place where I can face new challenges and move closer to my goal. But I still need to develop as a player and that’s my primary focus now. No need to rush in that regard.

GSN: What are some of the challenges confronting you at Osters?

R.D: Life is full of challenges and right so because I came from Ghana where the culture and attitudes are different. I think I didn’t settle in well from the beginning. I had to adjust to the team’s style of play as the clock ticked. It wasn’t easy from the onset but gradually, I’m getting my peak on.

GSN: A number of Ghanaian players excelled in Sweden. Does that put any pressure on you in your development?

R.D: Naturally the game itself comes with pressure. But I’m not under pressure to emulate the footsteps of some of my compatriots. We are all unique players in our own right and so I’m not bothered about that. What is of primary concern to me is to continue with my development here at Osters and the big teams will come calling. I am too young to worry about things which will not aid me to progress in any way. I’m working hard for myself and my club and hope to improve on my set goals. That really motivates and excites me rather than being put under pressure.

GSN: What is your ultimate goal in your young football career?

R.D: It’s my dream to join one of the best clubs in Europe and feature in the UEFA Champions League. I want to win titles in Europe and counted as one of the finest players to have emerged from Ghana.

GSN: What is your favourite team in the world and which one do you fancy to play for?

R.D. Wow, that’s a big one! I like Arsenal in the English Premier League because of their style of play. Real Madrid is my preferred choice in Spain. In France, I would like to play for Lille and would also fancy playing for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. I also like NAC Breda in Holland.

GSN: You missed out on the 2015 African Youth Championship in Senegal due to injury, how did you feel?

R.D: That was a big disappointment for me because I really wanted to represent my country. But unfortunately I was knocked down by an injury. But I’m hoping to get another chance when given the opportunity. It will be a dream to play for any of the national teams.

GSN: Finally, how do you see your chances making into any of the national teams?

R.D: I’m bidding for my time. I’m very young and not really in a rush. What is important is my development and I believe at the right time, my performance will speak for itself. I believe I have enough quality to play at the top level and I’m keeping my head high.

GSN: Thank you for your time

R.D Thank you for having me!


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