A three-day national workshop aimed at updating the knowledge and skills of prosecutors and law enforcement officers, to better fight organised crime has opened in Accra.

The workshop, organised by United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime was under the auspices of West African Network of Central Authorities and Prosecutors against Organised Crime.


It was to furnish the officers with new information on crime combating.

Ms Cynthia Lamptey, Acting Director of Public Prosecutions said advancement in telecommunications powered by technology has facilitated local and international crimes.

She said local crime groups have expanded beyond borders to become regional and international crime threats.

?Besides, international organised groups have become more global in their operations,? she added.

She noted that offences such as money laundering, drug trafficking; cyber crime and financial fraud transcend borders, opening the world to new and complex challenges that calls for international cooperation.

Ms Lamptey said Ghana has stepped up efforts to confront and contain organised crime by signing international treaties on crime fighting as well as tightening local laws.

She said the global battle to confront and disband transnational organised crime is a contest that demands the best from practitioners in the criminal justice system.

She said the Ministry is ready to collaborate with stakeholders to fight transnational organised crime and to toughen the criminal justice system, adding: ?No single nation could successfully combat organised crime alone.?

An unnamed top official at the criminal investigation department of Ghana Police Service told Ghana News Agency that tougher measures are required to deal with the rising organised crime.

The official said offenders who were caught, prosecuted and imprisoned usually return after the sentence period to enjoy their booty, because they could have access to the monies.

The officer urged government to increase the budget of security agencies mandated to fight organised crime and muster the will to confiscate ill-gotten monies for the state.



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