Ghana’s former Deputy Energy Minister, K.T. Hammond, had claimed there were “billing irregularities” in the company.

ecg meter
ecg meter
In an interview with a local radio, the ECG’s public relations officer, William Boateng, dismissed the claims, saying “these meters have been in the system long before the tariff increment.”

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), Ghana’s national power regulator, late last year sanctioned an increase of 59.2 percent and 67.2 percent for electricity and water tariffs respectively.

But some customers recently expressed their displeasure with what they term “astronomical” electricity charges or over-billing, with demonstrations against the ECG seen in some regions of the country.

Following increasing public outcry over the very high tariffs being charged by the ECG, the PURC last Tuesday instructed the ECG to suspend the implementation of their new billing software until further notice.

A statement from the PURC said the directive came after “incessant complaints from customers who alleged that they were being over-billed by the ECG.” Enditem

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