Corruption in Ghana has taken a technological form as some Police officers in Ghana are accused of having introduced Mobile Money as an alternative means of accepting bribe from offending motorists who complain of not having cash on them.

In a post making waves on the Facebook page of a popular personality in Ghana, Francis Kennedy Ocloo referred to as General with more than 5000 loyal Army members, a motorist narrated her story of how a Policeman shockingly accepted Mobile Money transfer of GHS 20.00 as bribe from her for jumping the red light.

Please full post below:


General, today kai! the police took bribe from me through momo, I was shocked. My little girl was screaming she wants to wewe. I crossed Red traffic! Light at Presec before realising it, I stopped to let her wewe then the policeman came. “Madam, bring your driver’s licence”, I told him I don’t have it on me, then he said he will take my car, I told I don’t want him to scare the kids.Then he said, I should bring energy drink, seriously, I wasn’t having cash. I told him n he said MoMo. Jesus Christ! I gave him but u see, I have his name n phone number. Looooooool.

Source: Culled from Ocloo’s Facebook Page



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